VAW/VRC Officers’ Spouses’ Association (VVOSA)

VVOSA stands for the VAW/VRC Officers’ Spouses’ Association which consists of an Executive Board (President, Vice President Merit Scholarships, Vice President CFC, Treasurer, Secretary and West Coast Representative) and representation from each active duty VAW and VRC squadron.  To contact a squadron-specific representative, VVOSA Board Member or for a complete list of either, please contact the VVOSA President via email at

You may also mail us at VAW/VRC Memorial Scholarship Fund, Post Office Box 15322, Norfolk, VA 23511-0322.

Facebook: VVOSA and the VAW/VRC Memorial Scholarship Fund This group is open to all individuals interested in subscribing to and promoting the objectives of VVOSA.  This is a forum where we can share news and information with each other.  As a member, you are welcome to post relevant info you like to share (pictures, links, events, news, etc.).  If your squadron’s Officers’ Spouses’ Group is selling items for fundraising, you can post a picture of your product and note information, such as cost and who to contact to make the purchase.  We are spread out across the world, so we want to help (even if it’s in a small way) to unite our community.

Simply click HERE and login to Facebook to begin.