About the Memorial and Merit Scholarships

Memorial Scholarships

These scholarships honor those active duty or reserve service members, in the VAW and VRC communities who are lost as a result of a combat aircraft loss or as a result of a military aviation-related mishap, or U.S. Navy enlisted personnel who are lost as a result of a combat aircraft loss or as a result of a military aviation-related mishap while assigned to a VAW or VRC squadron, by helping provide for their children’s higher education.  At this time, there are three children eligible for these scholarships. The fund is able to provide 100% of the average annual cost of college for each child.

Merit Scholarships

Any spouse or college-age child of current and former members of the VAW/VRC community is eligible to apply.  Recipients are chosen solely based on merit.  All applications go to judges free of name and rank.  Winners receive their awards in April.


Dependents (spouses and children) of past and present service members of the VAW/VRC community are eligible to apply for this scholarship.  Service members include both officers and enlisted personnel who are serving or have served in the VAW/VRC community.
Candidates submitting applications must be graduates of an accredited high school or equivalent thereof and must plan to attend an accredited vocational or academic institution.  The scholarships are awarded solely on merit.  Applicants and recipients from previous years may reapply.  An individual may be awarded the scholarship twice.
Applicants must be pursing their FIRST undergraduate degree at a college or university or attending technical/vocational school.  Any students currently in a Reserve Officer Candidate Program (ROTC) are not eligible.  Merit scholarship awards may be applied to tuition only.


VVOSA has partnered with the Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation (WOASF) to streamline the application process for students, allowing students to draft and submit one consolidated online application that can be used for several military dependant scholarship opportunities.  VVOSA merit scholarship applications will still be graded and chosen by VAW/VRC community members.  In addition, VVOSA decides the amount and number of scholarships each year.  Applicants may apply for the VAW/VRC merit scholarship through the WOASF website.
Please visit WOASF:


October 1, 2016: Applications open
February 1, 2017: Eligibility requirements must be met
March 1, 2017: Applications closed
April 2017: Winners are notified


One $7000 Merit Scholarship in memorial of Captain Caffrey
Meredith Arndt – College of William and Mary

Seven $3000 Merit Scholarships
Katelyn Isbell – University of Alabama
Caroline Cantrell – University of Mississippi
Virginia Sanford – Gettysburg College
Morgan Ashby – Clemson University
Christopher Dufour – University of Alabama
Hannah Litkowski – University of Virginia
Christian Gomez – Northeastern University